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what's the difference between a brand refresh & a brand redesign and how do you know which one you n

When these questions start swirling around in your mind, it may be time for a brand refresh or redesign to give your business a little kick in the ass. So how do you know which one you really need? 

A BRAND REFRESH A brand refresh is a bit like a makeover for your handmade business. Like changing out your lipstick color for the season or getting that spiffy new hair do. It brings a little something to new and fresh to your brand without changing the overall value of it. 

There are a few ways in which you can accomplish a brand refresh:

1. Keep your logo but change your look.  This is the easiest way to refresh your brand and usually what most businesses do every few years to keep their online presence fresh. This can include your website, marketing materials, packaging, etc. You may keep the same color scheme in the logo and just change out the layout or design style to give it a more updated look. 

2. Change your messaging and update your colors. This is another option when looking at a brand refresh. Is your messaging still on point with what your customers expect? Do you even have messaging? Wait, what is messaging? Ok, calm down...messaging is just a fancy way of saying your story. Every brand needs a story as their backbone, if your doesn’t have one this would be a great time to stop and create one. Think about what made you start your business in the first place. You want something that resonates with your potential customers. 

*Side Note - I will be doing an entire post series on creating your story and messaging in the next few weeks! Make sure to subscribe above so you can be the first to grab it! 

You can also use your existing logo but change up your color pallet a bit to give everything a refreshed look. Kind of like painting your living room when you get tired of that boring grey on the walls. 

3. Expand your design  Another great way to refresh your handmade business is to add new product offerings or create a new service that goes along with what you sell. Maybe you want to offer a monthly subscription or birthday club. Use these as a way to extend your brand in new ways. While it’s not technically a design change, you can use these new options as a way to bring your brand back into the memory of your customers. 

A BRAND REDESIGN If a brand refresh is like a makeover, a brand redesign is like plastic surgery. It’s an all out change in the way your business is perceived from the logo up. The only thing that may remain in a redesign is the business name and even sometimes that changes!

Complete brand redesigns are a great option if:

1. Your target market changes  If you have found that over time your target market has changed dramatically, a redesign may be a great option for you. It will allow you to realign your look to what your customers expect. For instance, if you once offered baby products but over the years you have started offering more accessories or Mom based products, your target market has changed so it would make sense for your brand to grow up along with your business. 

2. If sales have gone seriously flat If you have seen your business dwindle within the last few years, you may need to refocus everything and that includes your brand. You first want to make sure you are focused on your messaging so you can build your new brand around the most important thing and that’s your target customers. It’s a great way to start fresh with a completely new perspective. 

Are you still wondering if a brand refresh or redesign is right for your handmade business? Well, did you know I offer a free mini brand consultation? Yup! All you have to do is click on the button below and schedule your time. We can go through your brand via phone, video or email...whichever works for you! 


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