Have you ever had that overwhelmingly clueless feeling when it comes to your small business? You are smart and capable so why can't you make this work?

Here's the thing...we can't do it all. We weren't meant to be experts at everything within our business. There are just some things better left to others. Case in point, I hate math. I'm horrible at it. So instead of beating myself up at the end of the year when the tax man comes around, I hired an accountant. Sure I could have done it myself but I would have hated every minute of it - and bitched the whole time. It also would have taken more time away from the parts of my business that I love. 

Sometimes, having outside help can make a huge difference. Not only in your business, but with your sanity. I can help keep you sane - well, as sane as us business owners are - with kick ass strategy and by being that cheerleader who is always on your side, pom poms in hand whenever you need a little pick me up. And by pom poms, I mean vodka. 

each mentorship includes:


The MOXIE MENTORSHIP workbook and the questionnaire included have been designed to get to know the "you" in your business. What makes it truly unique and what makes your story different than the rest. It may be short but it packs a punch!


Each session will consist of one phone or video call. Each call usually lasts for about an hour...if we go over, it's no biggie! There are no additional charges for me talking too much.


Done at the beginning of the project as a welcome and introduction into what will be covered.



Done once the questionnaire is received to make sure we are on the same page with your information and to answer any questions that you have.


Once I have your style guide in place, this call will go through everything in your Action Plan. It will cover aspects of your branding and/or social media and ecommerce (if those are added) and the steps that you will need to take to get moving on your new brand. 


Each personalized guide contains ideas, photos, typography, sample logos and more so that you are ready to get started on designing your brand just as soon as you are finished with your mentorship.

how will this help my business?

It could save your business from unnecessary mistakes and unnecessary expenses.


It will identify aspects of your new branding that you may have missed. Four eyes are always better than two! 


It will help you get an unbiased opinion about your ideas.


The full MOXIE MENTORSHIP is $329, which can be made in 2 equal payments.

If you choose to add on the shop or marketing module, there is an additional $179 for each of those (see below). 


The shop module involves looking at your potential website from top to bottom. This Includes: + the best way to organize your products + photography styling for your website + the best website layouts & features for your shop


The marketing module is where the rubber meets the road in getting customers to your website. This Includes: + coming up with your theme + best social media sites to be on + blog & social media ideas to get your customer's talking


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